2020 Reflection, Vision and Goals

This past year has been a doozy! We have been enjoying and learning so much together as our business D&S craftworks continues to grow. Thank you to everyone who has supported us and continues to spread the word about the work we are committing ourselves to. We continue to work on creating unique one of kind gifts that are beautifully handmade, personalized and handcrafted with precision and detail. We pride ourselves in providing ultimate customer satisfaction we are working hard to continue this in 2020.

This year we hope to expand by creating a space on the website and through our social media where you can gain more information about who we are and what we do. It is our goal to demonstrate our journey as we provide you with more content weekly and ways to engage with you more. We will continue to create Tool Talk Tuesdays and will be highlighting the basics and the process of our projects. We will also share some family inspired projects that will allow you to complete some projects with your children in your homes. Our DIY projects and time lapse videos will help you go through the process of our art so that you may see our craftsmanship. We want to share our authentic selves and provide support for new learners and those who are just DIY inspired. As part of the learning journey, we will try out new tools, explore new mediums and push ourselves to teach others along the way. We will also continue to deeper extend ourselves into this work with classes in the late winter/early spring.

Our products will continue to demonstrate a connection between things we enjoy and love to create for our customers. Our wine glasses will grow this year into different styles and our coasters will continue to be your homes best accessory. We will explore different forms of coasters that will help speak to the style you have created in your homes. We will also explore more ways of creating signage that will inspire and uplift us. Additionally, we will create signs that will speak about the times we live in and items that put a smile on our face in your homes. We are here this year to grow. Please continue to share our post, give us a recommendation and purchase some of our work online or at Happy Cork located at 51 Buffalo ave.! Thank you and see you guys soon!

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