Custom Cutting Boards with name and logo

Custom Cutting Boards with name and logo



Grab a custom cutting board with name and logo. Email us and we will inform you of the total cost. Some logos can cost more than others but most will be $25 and up. In the case your personalized cutting board is above the standard price, we will email you and request additional money or we will refund you if we are able to use your logo. Please send us your logo to our email Once you place you order you will be emailed in regards to your order. Most orders take 10 business days to complete start to finish :) Thanks for your support! Email us if you have any questions or concerns. 


Cutting board information 


  • Premium Bamboo Chopping Boards for corporate or wedding gifts, customized design engravings. Measures 12" x 9" x 0.25"
  • Bamboo cutting boards are naturally antibacterial, moisture resistant, and durable. They do not dull knives.
  • Made with reusable, high quality selected and chemical free bamboo. Easy to clean and maintain with regular washing. Apply mineral oil after use to maintain longer life span.
  • Easily hang on a wall rack with hooks to dry and display.
  • Reversible use helps prevent contamination among different food types.
    Cutting Board Placement

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