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I too searched and pods gave me a quote for 4300 for a 8x8x16 because they say the small container is too small for my two rooms. I hung up there and then. Smart move quoted me at 2700 for 2 smart vaults , would be more then 1900. Considering I have to fly back to CT to move to AZ the price for the flight back would still be cheaper then driving so UBox is by far the best and most wise choice. My local move, U-Box estimate came to $1,718.75. Because I ended up choosing the delivery option that came with professional movers, I had to pay $973.95 up front when I signed up for the service. I would pay the additional $744.80 for the containers and trailer rental and delivery on the day of my scheduled move.on the go moving and storageThe owner or principal of each business in HomeAdvisor's network with the exception of Corporate Accounts must pass a background check. Unfortunately, we cannot perform a background check on every employee of a business—the , background checks are performed only on the owner or principal. As always, we , recommend that you conduct your own research on the businesses you hire, including making inquiries directly with the businesses regarding their employee background check policies. I can hardly find the superlatives to describe my experience with the team of professionals who facilitated my move on October 29th. Chris, Greg, Mark, Steve and Joe were totally awesome. I won't hesitate to recommend Western Van and Storage to others. For Commercial Moves, we know time is money. Our turnkey commercial moving service will create a concise plan, preventing lost time during the move. We efficiently move offices of all sizes and types.i got junk costConcrete, Dirt, Rocks, Bricks, Plaster, Tile, Sod We use a 15-cubic yard truck 8ft x 10ft x 5ft, and our rates are based on how much room your unwanted items take up in our trucks. Imagine moving, hauling and recycling one washing machine, , seven washing machines half of our trucks, and then finally 15 washing machines roughly a full truck and consider the weight, time, and challenges and the price rising gradually as you move up the scale to a full truck. It’s really that simple! A For the first time in my life I paid less than quoted. The representative was bright and pleasant, as was the gentleman in charge of pick up. Highly from Find the best mortgage rates and see what’s available on the market now. Unless you plan to partner with others to fill an entire truck, they have a pricing model that overcharges for small loads. Full truck in DC was supposedly $700. Half a truck cost me $550 plus tax. The math works out foe them min making $1100 57% on the truck load. Saying they give the price upfront is disingenuous when you are staring at a pile of crap you want removed. Service was fine. I just dislike the pricing scheme. """"""""