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Welcome to
D&S Craftworks

Welcome to the D&S Craftworks

where love,creativity and craftsmanship come together!

Join us, a couple passionate about woodworking, crafting, and DIY projects, sharing our  

tips, tutorials, and budget-friendly ideas for your home.

Let's build together!

Check out the latest! Build with us! 

Meet the Creators

A Journey of Creativity

Meet Shanay and Don, the creative minds behind D&S Craftworks! Our journey began with DIY projects and a passion for handcrafted home décor. From woodworking to unique jewelry, we blend creativity and craftsmanship. Join our DIY classes and consultations to bring your Pinterest dreams to life.   Explore our artisanal treasures and elevate your style with D&S Craftworks!


Get to Know Us

We have a passion for learning and growing in our crafts, inviting others to join our journey. From DIY enthusiasts to skilled woodworkers and artisans, we transformed our love for art and home décor into D&S Craftworks. Don's self-taught woodworking skills blend engineering and artistry, creating unique projects from Star Wars themes to bespoke chess sets. Shanay adds personalization through resin artistry, crafting wine glasses, trays, bamboo earrings, coasters, and contributing to handmade furniture. Our handcrafted items, including tables and wine accessories, bring warmth and elegance to homes.

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