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Beginning as DIY-ers, woodworkers, and even scrap metal artists, we turned our love of art and home décor into a passion for bringing customer’s ideas to life with precision and detail. We began learning how to use power tools and became instant DIYER's when we purchased our first home 5 years ago.


Don began learning via Youtube how to fix more than just your average sink. In the following months he self-taught himself to become a woodworker enthusiast and even a welder! His engineering and artistic background all contributed to his one of a kind projects that explore all types of themes from Star Wars to unique chess sets. Don enjoys making items for customers that are unique and he encourages others to learn woodworking. He continues to create amazing items for our clients and is working on creating a YouTube channel to teach others what he is learning on his journey. 


Shanay, the other half of D&S managed the business mostly until she began to find ways to add personalization to customers' orders. A lifelong learner with a background in speech pathology from Howard University and education from Pace, she wanted to share with others what she was learning about crafts.  So she began integrating into a crafter herself and creating add on for Dons clients. Shanay found learning about resin particularly interesting and began manipulating resin on wine glasses to create one of a kind unique items. She began to create wine glasses and accessories for her home and later her friends. When her friend Kia, began working in a local black-owned wine shop, Happy Cork,  the owner Sunshine Foss, instantly wanted to carry her unique items. They are still one of D&S biggest vendors. 

D&S craftworks provide one of a kind items that create a sense of warmth and elegance in your home. We make everything from tables, to doghouses to cutting boards.  Our wine items, in particular, are geared towards providing our clients with sophisticated wine cups,  coasters, and wine holders that can add the perfect accents to your home space. Our wine glasses are one of a kind unique art pieces. The next time you take a sip, do it in style with a hand-curated wine piece or home decor item that will elevate your experience and your home décor space. 

We founded D&S Craftworks with one goal in mind: giving our customers the best home decor items that are handcrafted. D&S Craftworks is located in New York and reflects the vibrant energy of the area. 


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