Summer Time Learning Part 1

I know... you are tired....your kids are tired ....and the last thing you want to do is begin working on educational activities with them after this school year...

We all need a break!

However, incorporating a few activities weekly and setting some small routines for your child will help them prepare for the upcoming school year where remote learning appears to be a thing of the past. We all know teachers, educators, parents, families, and schools did their best to support our children last year. But if you were like me working from home...I admittedly often fell back on things because it was quite overwhelming to multi-task and complete my own job at the same time.

This summer is a perfect opportunity to begin small steps to get them prepared for the upcoming school year.

This is where we are so far...


Our son Dj loves math. I say that first because I believe you should identify your child's strengths and weaknesses. By doing so you are allowing them to be flexible and less hesitant with the more daunting task you present.

So we will begin each morning with 2-3 math problems..... not 10 ......

I pick specific word problems for him that are real-life-based and encourage critical thinking. Here's a look at an example we are working on …..